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How does Creatine Work?

Creatine is a substance that is naturally formed in our body. It is an amino acid-based compound that stores energy from the already existing amino acids and foods in the body. Some creatine rich foods are fish and red meat. Creatine is stored in the human body as a compound know as "phosphocreatine", which further works as a reservoir of phosphate.

Phosphocreatine is a substance that stores energy in the muscular tissues and provides energy for muscular contractions. Phosphate produced from creatine is needed for regenerating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules, which is the main fuel for the enzyme motors of the muscle in initial high-intensity muscle activity.

During muscle contraction, ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) loses a phosphate molecule to create energy and gets converted to adenosine di phosphate (ADP). Now in order to produce more energy ADP must be converted back to ATP. Now when ATP is depleted, creatine acts as a source of phosphate and converts the ADP molecule to ATP molecule. The more creatine that is availaible to the body, the faster the body can produce ATP molecules, so that more and more energy is availaible for the muscle contractions. This is how creatine acts as a great energy source for short bursts of exercise such as sprinting, bodybuilding and other athletic activities.

These increased amounts of creatine slow the possibility of fatigue.  Creatine helps in the synthesis of protein, which further promotes muscle growth and development. 

The fact that creatine can provide energy instantaneously, in a short span of time makes creatine a very successful supplement for athletes and weight lifters as they need those sudden burts of energy quite frequently. Creatine has been shown to be especially effective in performance of repeated bursts of exercise because it enhances recovery.

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