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Creatine is a natural substance that is available in our daily food. Though it is artificially made, they are mainly natural substances and the body is used to its effects. This is the main reason why creatine has very less side effects. Creatine is used to improve the lean muscles among the body builders. The muscles will get strength and the recovery rate of the person will also improve.

Significance of Creatine in building lean muscle:

Creatine is secreted in the pancreas, liver and kidney. It is a hydrating agent and is transferred to blood before it reaches the muscles. Creatine is the main source of energy to the muscles. Muscles receive this creatine and reduce the protein synthesis thus reducing the loss of energy fro the body. Creatine once taken artificially reaches the muscles directly thus shows the effects more quickly. Artificial creatine products are made of natural food items, which produce more creatine substances. Creatine is converted to phosphocreatine, which stores energy in the muscle tissues. This stored energy could be used by the muscles exercises. As there are more and more phosphocreatine components in the body the restoration capacity of the body also improves. Creatine also reduces the risk of body wear and tear as it uses the reserved energy during critical circumstances.

Consumption of Creatine

Creatine could be consumed orally or injected. Usually people prefer to use the oral method. The consumption of creatine could be either gradual or non gradual. In the gradual method of consumption, 5 grams of creatine is taken for an extended period of time. Consumption could also be in heavy doses by initially consuming 15-20 grams of creatine and latter on reducing it to a consistent level. In both the cases, the creatine effect is seen but people prefer to consume gradually to avoid any drastic effects on the body. Creatine is available as chewing gums and capsules, which are easy to consume. There are lots of creatine products that are available online. Once we start consuming creatine our body adjusts with it and improve our day-to-day performance.

Creatine Benefits - A boon for Medical Science

Creatine is natural. It is made of natural food items like fish ad read meat. Since creatine is available in our natural food, most of sports comities have not banned the use of creatine substances as energizers. Creatine is also used in some of the medicines to treat neuromuscular disorders. It has been proved that use of creatine among the heart patients has reduced their cholesterol level and also has given them stamina and capacity to perform normal exercises. Creatine also helps to restore the sportspersons even though they have fully drained their energy. The reason is that when the energy is drained then the reserved energy stored in the phosphocreatine is used to restore the body.


There are various creatine brands that will improve the lean muscles, with very less side effects as these products are made of natural food items, and it is more than a supplement.

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