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Creatine as a Sports Supplement

The quest for extracting maximum possible feat from human body continues and in the past decade numerous products have been added to the list of sports supplements. The curiosity to test new products in the attempt of enhancing one’s performance remains unaltered among consumers. There is no doubt that many emerging products prove to be functional but one product that always forms a significant part of a sportsperson's supplement kit is creatine.

Creatine- an Overview:

Discovered by a French scientist in 1835, creatine is a natural component of meat especially red meat. It is manufactured inside the human body by the action of amino acids glycine, arginine and methioinine. This process takes place in the kidneys and livers. Majority of creatine produced are stored as creatine phosphate (CP) and the rest as free creatine otherwise known as (Cr). A male human body synthesis of creatine per day normally is 2 grams. This as well is replaced by the nutrient intake and fabrication within the body.

Creatine proves to be one of the most effective and safest products to be used. It is so because it possesses the ability to reproduce ATP or adenosine triphosphate which is known as the power house of a human cell in biological terms. It is highly recommended for tasks involving release of anaerobic energy. Be it rock climbing or a work out in one's weight room, creatine comes handy. To make one fit enough to participate in high intensity physical trainings, creatine is an ideal supplement.

Creatine Magic:

A physical trainer explains that the first time he took creatine he was able to lift 10% more weight than his normal capability and he was able to perform 20% more repetitions than the usual level.

The most important component of creatine, the monohydrate increases the strength of the muscles and prevents it from experiencing fatigue. This component blends with the metabolic byproducts and reverts them back to muscular energy that can be used up. This is why the muscle acquires power for a brief period to perform high intensity tasks. The period of increase in power is brief owing to the capability of the cells to store CP is limited. This paves ways for the body to remove other options of replenishing ATP.

Creatine also has a tendency to draw in volumes of water into the muscles making the body firm. This way not only the performance levels but the cosmetic purposes are also served.

Keep your body healthy to suit Creatine

Creatine brings out the desirable results only when one’s body is tailored to accept the changes that are caused by the supplement. There is no doubt that creatine cannot be replaced with any other product for the kind of benefits that it provides the consumer with but also it is necessary for the consumer to maintain a good health with a aid of proper nutrition, recovery, rest and training. Only then would creatine be successful in weaving its magical spells.

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