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The Truth about Creatine Side Effects

Many of the sports persons would have come across the term creatine. It is a supplement available in the market, which is used to improve the body shape and get rock hard muscles. Bodybuilders usually use creatine to increase their body tissues and make them stronger. Creatine is also used to improve the stamina, which is preferred by many of them. This product has proved itself that it is the best to improve the body in a short spam of time; many of the scientist and doctors are worried about its side effects. Though Creatine has not been proven to have any side effects, noted doctors still feel that there might be some side effects that have hidden somewhere.

Tests of Creatine Side Effects

As Creatine is used mostly among the sports players, a test has been conducted among them to check the side effects of using creatine. Players usually use creatine as it gives them stamina to play for many hours continuously. It was observed that there were cramps and spasms in most of the players who used creatine. They even had some muscle tears. Latter on it was disclosed that the reason for the frequent wear and tear of muscles is because of the amount of exercise those sports players were performing and not because of the use of creatine. Thus creatine was once again proved to be having no side effects. Pennsylvania State University also conducted a test on the use of creatine. The tests revealed that creatine use has improved the bench strength and performance among many of the bodybuilders compared to ordinary regular exercise.

How Creatine Works?

Our body is full of water and amino acids. The amino acids give us the energy to do work. The creatine substance will energize the amino acids and as a result the body muscles and tissues will get nourishment more quickly. This is the reason why creatine effects are seen very quickly. This drug is commercially available in the market with various brand names. One such creatine product is Neo Physis Super Premium Creatine, which is the market leader among all the creatine products.

How to use Creatine Safely?

Though it's proved that creatine has no side effects, its always better to be on a safer side while using this drug. Before using creatine it is always better to consult a doctor and get his advice. A medical checkup would be preferred. There were cases where the use of creatine has some kidney failures, heart diseases, etc. As the doctors will be able to correctly predict the effects of creatine on our body, it's always recommended. Though creatine has hardly any side effects, it's not good to consume this drug frequently as it may have adverse impacts on heart and liver.


Creatine is used among the body builder professionals to improve their muscle strength. Till date, this drug do not have side effects but it's always better to avoid using this drug, as it's always recommended not to use any external substance to nourish our muscles.

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