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Creatine is a supplement which is used by body builders to improve their muscle mass, stamina and performance. This substance is available in the market in many forms and varieties. Previously creatine powder was available in the market. Creatine monohydrate is a powder substance. Today creatine serum is also available. Many people feel that creatine serum is better than creatine powder. But many of them feel that creatine serum performs well and faster than creatine powder. Actually creatine serum is nothing but a fancy name given to creatine monohydrate in liquid or semi fluid state. People feel so thinking that serum is in semi fluid state and thus will be easy to dissolve. In this article we will discuss about the pros ad cons of creatine powder and creatine serum.

Creatine Serum develops Waste:

Creatine monohydrate, which is available in the powder form, is more stable than the creatine serum. This has been scientifically proved. Creatine powder is consumed with water. When it gets into the body the creatine powder dissolves in the water and becomes easy for the intestines to absorb the creatine substance in the semi fluid state. It takes lot of time for the creatine to be absorbed by the intestines. On the other hand creatine serum is semi fluid and it is taken orally. When it gets in to the body, as it is the soluble state, the muscles tissues absorb it. Some times creatine serum produces a waste product called creatinine.

The creatinine is produced when the creatine powder is dissolved in water and left for a while. In the creatine serum it has been scientifically tested that there is a sizable proportion of creatinine. This is the reason why creatine serum is in unstable state always. Though nobody really knows the side effects of creatinine, many people are worried about this discovery. Also scientists has proved that creatine powder perform equally well as creatine serum. This discovery has made many of the creatine serum users confused.

Advantages of Creatine Serum:

Though Creatine serum performs same as creatine powder, some of them feel that creatine serum is easy to consume. In the case of creatine powder, the person has to take a cup of water and creatine powder and mix them and consume five times a day. Many of them feel this to be a lazy act and thus feel that creatine serum already in the semi fluid state is easy to consume. Some of them feel that consuming creatine serum can avoid the loading phase. Actually speaking these are just rumors about creatine serum which many of them still believe. The truth is no matter we use creatine powder or creatine serum, we have to take up the loading phase.


Though creatine serum does not perform better than creatine powder, many of them feel that creatine serum is easy to consume and thus go for it. But the ingredients of both creatine powder and creatine serum are same except in the case of serum, a waste called creatinine is developed which negates the advantages creatine serum has in the market.

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