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Creatine Supplements - Uses and Harmful Effects


Basically Creatine is a natural Organic compound with mol. Formula as C4.H9.N3.O2.H2O and Mol. Weight as 149.14964 (without salt: 131.13436). This is a kind of substitute for the energy transfer in muscular tissues and often consumed by sportsman for building up their muscles. There are various forms of existence for this compound, but its monohydrate form is readily absorbed by the muscular tissues and is highly preferred.


 Since it is considered as the supplement for providing energy, its main task is to help the muscles to contract and gain strength and performance. Actually, the production of energy in muscles is achieved on account of the conversion of creatine in phosphocreatine (PCr) a Phosphorus Compound of Creatine.

As it is obvious, that the extraction of energy by the muscular mass involves a series of organic reactions which incorporates Creatine, ATP, PCr, ADP, etc. Since ATP is considered as the reservoir of energy in body, increasing the amount of ATP may lead to the contraction of muscles and enhanced stamina. This task is mainly done by the creatine supplements which enhance the storage of PCr.


The creatine can be obtained through following sources:

  1. Diet or Supplements: This involves the intake of creatine in form of food, which is then absorbed by the intestines and ultimately goes in the blood stream. Normally 1 or 2 g/day intake of creatine is preferred.
  2. Precursor Amino Acid Synthesis: This involves the intake of creatine from the amino acids of the body when the diet is limited.


  1. By the supplementation of 5g creatine per day along with some muscular exercise may enhance the no of PCr and Intracellular Creatine in muscle. This in turn increases the body mass and muscular strength.
  2. By the supplementation of 25g creatine daily in a week with exercise like bench press and jump squat can enhance the performance of muscles.
  3. The maximum exercise of continuous jumping up to 45 sec and high intensity exercises also increases the performance and stability of muscles.
  4. The creatine may be used as therapeutic agents to cure the patients of waste muscles.


Besides having too many advantages, it has a major adverse effects also, which is

1. In spite of increasing muscle mass, it can cause an increase in the body weight, which is mainly due to the excess of water gain in body.

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