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Different Types of Creatine Products

Creatine products are used at a very large scale by the body builders to increase their muscle power. These products are also used by the doctors for the treatment of muscular diseases. It is a natural occurring substance that is found in mot of the vertebrates. These days it is also prepared in the lab from the combination of amino and organic acids.

Different Types of Creatine Products

Because of stiff competition a lot of creatine products are available in the market. All of the creatine products have their own advantages and disadvantages. To choose among these several drinks it is a matter of personal choice. The most popular creatine products are:

Carbon monohydrate: It is the most widely used health supplement. It enters into the muscles and decrease their water retention because of this the muscles appears in more size than earlier. Creatrine monohydrate's intake is very simple. So it has never been eliminated from the market by its competitor products. it is a very popular creatine product among bodybuilders.

Creatine Ethyl ester: These are the new types of creatine products in the market. It is a product which is popular among professional body builders as it provides very bulky and heavy muscles. This product enters directly into the blood stream soon after its intake. Therefore it is absorbed in a very quick time by the muscles. It is several times better than creatine monohydrate product because it takes sometime for its absorption by the muscles and this fast moving world nobody can wait for such a long time.

Creatine Drinks: Today a lot of health drinks are available in the market which contains creatine as their main ingredient. The need of the health drinks arise because other creatine products have a large loading time. Therefore it takes a very long time to be absorbed by the body. In comparison the health drinks are in liquid form so they bypasses the digestive phase and enters directly in the muscles from blood streams. So it shows the results in a very short time span which is the demand of the market.

Featured Creatine Resource

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