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Proper Timings for Taking Creatine

Creatine supplements have gained exceptional popularity in the recent past. It stimulates the muscle growth and is used for treating the muscular diseases in old aged people. There was a time when body building requires a lot of effort and time. But after the presence of creatine product in the market the task is not so accomplished. Now you can achieve heavy and bulky muscles with the help of proteins. There are many issues associated with taking creatine. Different brands have different opinions about creatine intake. But the general guidelines which should be kept in mind during creatine intake are:

Creatine before workout

Fluids other than water must be avoided before workout otherwise it can cause harm to your health. You need to take glycemic foods before workout because these are rich in cellular energy that is needed for the muscle contraction during workout. High glycemic foods must be avoided before workout otherwise it can depicts your energy levels during workout. Creatine are not necessary right before workout because if your muscle store is full because of the food contents then the creatine is not accepted by the body and is throw outside the body in the form of waste products.

Creatine during workout

The various studies done by the fitness experts on different individuals suggests that It is very harmful to take creatine between exercises because due to this dehydration can occur and which can cause a sudden crash in the energy levels. Because of low energy levels you will feel fatigue and will not enjoy the workout. So always avoid taking creatine in between exercises.

Creatine Before or After workout

It is also a wrong way of creatine intake. If you take creatine at such a short time span then creatine will be wasted because it few hours for the absorption of creatine.

Creatine After Workout

According to the fitness experts it is the best time for creatine intake. Because at that time the creatine muscles are at their most receptive state and this will benefit the muscle in the true sense. Creatine must be taken with fruit juices that contains simple sugars like dextrose and glucose.

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