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Is Liquid Creatine Better than Creatine Powder

Creatine Serum is nothing but the liquid form of creatine powder. It is advantageous in the same way as the Creatine Powder. The main benefits from the intake of Liquid creatine are

  • It increases the energy levels during exercises or work out. It generates the ATP chain which increases the metabolism of the body due to which the body energy levels are boosted.

  • It acts as a weight and strength gainer.

  • It provides strength to the muscles.

Facts about Creatine Serum

  • Every liquid has a property that it is easily absorbed by the body. But Liquid Creatine is an Exception. The body takes sometime to completely absorb creatine in liquid form. However it is absorbed more quickly by the body in comparison with the Creatine Powder.

  • The Creatine Powder and Serum are equally beneficial. The liquid Creatine has not a single extra advantage over the Creatine Powder.

  • According to some fitness experts Creatine Serum is Chemically unstable. If it is true then Creatine Serum is not more than a sugar water solution. But there is a contradiction among different fitness experts about its stability and unstability. It can be degraded into another form called Creatinine which is useless for the body.

  • The liquid creatine bypasses the digestion phase inside the body. That is why it is quickly absorbed by the body.

Creatine Powder

Creatine powder is simply a white powder. It is used by the people to increase their energy levels during work out. The average sized bottle of creatine costs from $20 to $30. The creatine costs varies depending upon the brand you buy. The Creatine were of very high cost few years back. Creatine is also available in mixed form with other supplements but pure creatine supplementation is generally recommended by the trainers because their results are very fast. One problem with Creatine powder is that there absorptions inside the body occurs in a long time.It generally takes 45 to 60 minutes for their absorption.The diet intake increases the absorption time span. Because of this reason some athletes who takes creatine do not eat anything few hours before their exercises or workout.

Featured Creatine Resource

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