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Creatine Usage and Problems

Creatine is a necessary component of the muscles. It provides energy to the muscles. Our muscles need 4 grams of protein per day. The two grams are produced inside the body and the remaining two grams are constructed from the diet you take. The people who wants to improve their muscle mass and strengthen their muscles then creatine supplementation is very advantageous for them. But one thing must be kept in mind that you need to take optimum doses of creatine otherwise you will be suffering from a lot of side effects.

Ill effects of Creatine

For a creatine to be effective it must be first absorbed by the body. For this it is first passed in the stomach where it adds in the blood stream. The muscle receives the creatine from the blood stream. Some time people takes large doses of the creatine. They thinks that if little dose is good for their muscles than an extra dose will provide exceptional power to their muscles. The high doses of creatine can produce side effects in the body. It can cause diarrhea, Increase in urination and muscle cramps. Higher doses of creatine can soak the amount of water from the stomach which can result intestinal contraction. Some people take creatines in fruit juices which can damage some of the creatine content and produce acidity because fruit juices are acidic in nature. Some companies have found the new methods for the creatine intake. They suggest to take the creatine with sugar so that it can be easily absorbed by the muscle cells. But it provide fat to your body so you can get fatty. Creatine researches also shows that when creatine are mixed in a fluid it looses all of its strength because it gets changed to a completely new compound called creatinine which is of no use for the body.

Kidney problems

Some people can suffer from kidney problems because of creatine. When creatine enters in the muscle cells it extracts the water from the muscles. When people abuses creatine doses then water level inside the muscles decreases which causes many kidney problems. Thus dosage of creatine are responsible for the kidney problems not the creatine itself. To counter attack these ill effects a person should drink more and more water to maintain the water level inside the body

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