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Today creatine is the most popular supplement available in the market for sports loving people. There are a number of studies that are backed by a lot of proofs which shows the benefits of creatine supplementation. Creation is advantageous for professional body builders and beginners as it improves both the aerobic and anaerobic performance. Creation was invented in 1835 by a french scientist. Among the non vegetarians red meat is the main source of creation. Creation is created in the liver and pancreas by a endogenous process with the help of amino acids such as methionine and arginine. The forty percent of creatine is stored in the body in a free manner while sixty percent is stored in the form of phosphates. Creatine content differs for both man and a woman. A man body generally need 4 grams of protein per days. The 2 gram of creatine can be produced by the body itself and for the other two grams he depends on the diet. Creatine plays an important role in the ATP resynthesis process. When a muscle moves or contract during any physical activity then it requires some energy. The energy is provided by the ATP which splits and loose its one molecule to compensate for the energy. But now it becomes a totally new compound called ADP which cannot supply any energy if the muscle moves again. The Creatine is an answer to this problem. It gives its one phosphate molecule to the ADP so that it becomes ATP once again and now it can provide the energy to the muscles. It is a well known fact that creatine is very effective but still there are some doubts on the creatine forms. People do not have knowledge which form of protein provides best results. However studies shows that any form of creatine provides equal results in the body. But some people preferred creatine pills because these are very easy to take and do not need any carbohydrate in addition unlike other forms such as Creatine powder and creatine serum. The nutritional value of these pills is same when compared with other forms. Creatine pills intake helps in developing the muscle mass and endurance.

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