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Creatine Forms for Bodybuilding

Creatine is an amino acid which is present in the muscles. It can also be derived from the health supplements. Creatine generally initiates the muscle enlargement. It also strengthens the muscles for challenging workouts. Creatines are best for short duration exercises such as weightlifting and sprints but it has no use in long duration exercises such as marathon. Creatines are used by most of the teenagers today because teens are very conscious of their looks and no product other than creatine is effective in making attractive body looks.

Creatine Side effects

creatine is pity much safe. Only a few beside effects of creatine has been reported. These includes Cramping, Nausea, Dehydration etc. Some cases of kidney and liver disorders have been reported but these are mainly due to creatine abuse or in other words these are because of large dose intake of creatine. Creatine for body building is available in different forms. It includes

Creatine Forms

  • Creatine Powder: Creatine products are available in powder forms in the market. The ingredients of these products is a white powder. It is referred as carbon monohydrate. a lot of creatine powders are available in the market therefore the buyer has a lot of options to choose from. Creatine Powder is recommended by the fitness experts to the beginners as they provide better results.

  • Creatine Tablets/Pills/Capsules: All these are the different names of a same thing. Creatine tablets have the same function like Creatine powder. The only difference is in their form. tablets also provides the same effect produced by creatine powder.

  • Creatine Liquid: It is also known by the name of creatine serum. It is present in the form of liquid. so it easily absorbed by the muscle cells when compared with creatine tablets and powder. The function of Creatine is not different than other forms of creatine.

It is Used for:

  1. muscle enlargement.
  2. Extra energy gain.
  3. weight gain.
  4. strength gain.

The creatine in liquid form is more unstable than any other forms. So if it is not consumed by body then it is automatically converted into a compound named as creatinine. It has no utility inside the body therefore it is released outside the body in the form of urine.

Featured Creatine Resource

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