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Q: If I take extra creatine then will I gain more and fast?

A: No, absolutely not !!!
The recommended dosage for a normal person is 5 grams per day. And if you think that taking 10 grams creatine per day you will gain twice, then you are absolutely wrong. Once the muscles have reached the saturation point - all extra creatine that you will be eating will just go waste and will be just excreated out as a waste product.

Refer here for more information about creatine dosage.

Q: What is cycling?

A: In the world of sport supplements and steroids, cycling is a procedure in which you use a supplement or steroid for some recommended time, then leave it for some time and then again start taking it. You go through a cycle of use, that's why called cycling.

Q: Is loading phase really essential?

A: No, it is not neccesarily required. It depends on your individual needs. If you don't have any hurry to build muscles then there is no need of loading at all. You can easily make your muscles in maintainence phase also by having 3-5 grams of creatine per day. You will get the same shape of muscles as you wil get from loading, the only difference will be - through loading you will gain that muscles in 2 weeks time and through the maintainence phase you will make the same muscles in 4 weeks time.

So if you are not in a hurry then dont go for loading. It isn't recommended atall for those people.

Q: Once I am eating Creatine, do I also need to go to a gym or exercise?

A: Yes, Absolutely Yes! You must remember that after eating creatine no wonder is going to happen. Creatine is just a supplement that affects your performance for a short intervals of time, and not for your whole life. But, many creatine sellers may guide you wrong telling that just eating creatine will help you make a body that you dreamt in your dreams, so that they may be able to sell more and more creatine to you. But let me tell you don't come in there stupid talks.

The energy provided by creatine is just wasted if you do not combine it with right exercise routine. Creatine taken with right exercise schedule can really do wonders for you. Rather if you are a person taking creatine then you should go the the gym more frequently as after taking creatine you would be having more energy in yourself and you would be able to perform your workouts more efficiently, leading to more stronger muscles and increased muscle mass.

Q: Does Creatine Cause Excessive Water Retention?

A: This is absolutely wrong with good quality creatine supplements. Many times studies have shown that there is no significant increase in water retention on taking of creatine. Creatine never causes excessive water retention, rather it just causes your body mass to grow and helps you in getting stronger muscles.

But, excessive water retention may be possible with low grade creatine supplements. This is due to the fact that when creatine supplements are cheaply manufactured, then excess of sodium remains as a finished product. And this excess of sodium promotes water gain in your body and makes you give a soft and puffy look.

Q: A guy in my gym was telling that creatine is unstable in solution. Is it true?

A: Yes, it's absolutely correct. Creatine is really unstable in solution. When creatine is kept in water or a some other liquid like a grape juice for a long time (8 to 9 hours), then creatine degrades into an another substance known as "creatinine", which is a useless substance and has no effect on your body mass or muscles.

So, I would advice you not leave creatine dissolved in water for longer periods of time.

Q: Does caffeine inhibits the effects of creatine?

A: No one is sure right now, whether caffeine inhibits effects of creatine or not. But one study was conducted by some scientists that showed that caffeine do inhibits the effects of creatine. In that study, one person was given a creatine supplement and one person was given caffeine + creatine. After that scientists measured whether the creatine was taken up into the cells or not, and found that both the persons had gained creatine in their cells. But, the person who had taken creatine + caffeine did not showed any beneficial effects as compared to the person taking pure creatine, who showed many beneficial effects (about 10% - 25% more beneficial effects).

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