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Micronized Creatine - A Popular Creatine supplement

Micronized Creatine is setting new standards in the world of creatine Supplementation. In micronized creatine the creatine particles are very small as compared with other creatine powders. The particles are 20 times smaller than the other Creatines.

Benefits of Micronized Creatine

Absorption: The particles of the Micronized creatines are very tiny. It means that the supplement is easily and quickly absorbed by our body.

Efficiency: These creatines are highly efficient because the smaller particles occupies large surface area in the blood streams.

No stomach problems. The Creatine supplementation can cause stomach pain and other stomach disorders. But the micro particles of the micronized Creatines are easily digested by the body and therefore it does not produce any harsh effect on the stomach.

Side effects of Micronized Creatine

  • Micronized creatines can result in muscle cramps.

  • The inadequate doses of Micronized Creatine can cause diarrhoea.

  • Dehydration is the biggest negative effect of the micronized creatine supplementation.

To counterpart these negative effects drink as much water as you can. If still the problem persists then consult a medical practitioner. If someone are allergic towards Creatine then they have to avoid the intake of micronized proteins.

Dosage of Micronized Proteins

The first phase of micronized creatine supplementation is known as loading phase. In this phase the prescribed dosages of the creatine are 5 grams and 4 times in a day. After that the creatine doses are decrease to 2 to 3 grams. This is known as the growing phase of supplementation. Before taking creatine supplementation you need to consult a practitioner. Always take the creatine in the prescribed doses because each person has a different body structure. So the absorption varies with body to body. If a person take the doses of creatine which are beyond the digestive limits of the body then it is thrown by the body outside in the form of urine. Thus extra dose is a wastage. Micronized Creatine shows best results when these are taken with the carbohydrates such as fruit juices. There is no effect of this form of creatine on some people. The reason is still not known. The research work continues in this field.

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