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Creatine Surge Formula

Creatine is the most commonly prescribed health supplements. When the creatines are used for the very first time the results are very fast. But the effects starts to diminish after their continuous usage. To solve this problem the fitness experts have come up with new products. One such product is Creatine Surge. The formula behind the formation of this product is the inclusion of ingredients which can help in the formation of protein and glycolysis to save the the muscles from harmful radicals. Creatine surge contains carbohydrates which initiates the formation of insulin inside the body. Insulin opens the doors for the nutrients to enter inside the muscles. It contains L - Glutamine which results in the synthesis of protein. Moreover it also decreases the lactic acid inside the stomach which is responsible for the acidity. In today's environment there is a rapid drop in the secretion of growth hormones. Creatine surge formula can be a valuable product in these circumstances because it initiates or suppresses the secretion of growth hormones in addition to the protein synthesis. In addition to creatine monohydrate and L - glutamine Creatine Surge contains grapeskin and taurine which are strong antioxidising agents. Vitamin C is also a major constituent of Creatine Surge. It saves the muscles form the ill effects of free radicals which are produced during workout. Ribose is also a major ingredient of Creatine surge which helps in the regeneration of nucleotides that are lost during exercise. The ratios of the ingredients in the Creatine surge are so optimized that it provides a true fitness solution for the sports athletes and professional body builders. There is an absence of artificial sweeteners in the Creatine Surge formula. Moreover it does not contains any type of coloring and preservatives whose presence can be very harmful for the body.

Suggested Use

Take a scoop of the powder and mix it wit water(eight ounces). Shake the solution well. You can also use fruit juices and other beverages for test. Take this dose after the workout. If you are looking for any competition then take this dose four times a day, Five days before the competition.

Featured Creatine Resource

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