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Creatine monohydrate is a health supplement which is used by most of the sports professional to increase their muscle mass and strength. There are a lot of creatine products available in the market which has creatine monohydrate as their basic ingredient. But the absorption of these products by the muscle tissues passes through a lot of hardships due to which are not up to the expectations. The answer to the problem is the use of creatine products which contains protein ingredients also along with the creatine monohydrate. The combination of creatine with protein enhances the muscle growth in a better way. This combination is easily absorbed by the muscle cells and thus it is an effective measure of creatine retention. The creatine is absorbed by the skeletal muscles from blood stream. It is a complex transport process and requires skeletal muscles in receptive state. The process is triggered by the creatine transporters which passes the creatine to the muscle surface. The protein plays an important role in creatine transportation because it releases insulin which has a great role to play in the creatine transportation. It also helps in making a balance in insulin level inside the body. If insulin balance inside the body is accurate then more and more transporters are secreted. The creatine when taken with insulin increases the absorption rate. It was proved by Doctor Paul Grenhalf of UK who experimented on a number of body builders and found that the absorption of the creatine by the skeletal muscles was exceptional when creatine was mixed with insulin. But there is a problem with the intake of protein with creatinine. If the protein quantity that is mixed with creatine is not optimum then it will give rise to a product named creatinine. It is a product with no use for the body therefore it is not consumed by the body. It is released outside the body by the kidneys in the urine form. There are a lot of tests to check the level of proteins in the blood. These checks are made to avoid the harmful effects of high dosage of proteins.

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